Goodell, Brady to face-off in court for ‘Deflategate’

Goodell, Brady to face-off in court for ‘Deflategate’

With the “Deflategate” scandal dragging on, Tom Brady, the New England Patriots quarterback and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell have both been summoned to a federal court in Manhattan, New York to settle the issue or surrender it to a judge.

The “Deflategate” issue hit the spotlight when the NFL sought to suspend Brady from four upcoming 2015 regular season games, after he and New England Patriots ball handlers were accused of deflating footballs at the January 18, AFC championship game against the Indianapolis Colts where the Patriots won. When NFL Commissioner Goodell upheld the suspension Brady hit back by bringing a lawsuit against Goodall.


Earlier U.S. District Court Judge Richard Berman has requested both sides to sit together and put an end to the scandal, but with a stalemate between the two, the case has been brought before the federal court. Both are due to appear in court today.


While the NFL Players Association has requested that the suspension be voided, both Brady’s union attorneys and NFL lawyers had also sent letters to Judge Breman providing arguments against the other. In the letter, Jeffrey Kessler, Brady’s lead attorney had written, “The NFL’s submission ignores how the denial of fundamental fairness in the arbitration at issue here so closely resembles the denials of fair process in the decisions we presented to the Court,” arguing that the quarterback had not been given any notice of the suspension and that Goodell was biased in his arbitrary decision.


If no settlement is reached, Judge Berman will take matters into his own hand and provide a ruling by September 4. The Patriots are due to open the season at home on September 4, against the Pittsburgh Steelers.


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