Final Fantasy VII Finally Arrives on iOS, with Cheat Sheet

Final Fantasy VII Finally Arrives on iOS, with Cheat Sheet

Fantasy fans around the world, get ready, the best ever role-playing game, Final Fantasy VII has finally landed on iOS devices everywhere, not just in Japan.

Based on the 2013 PC version (not the original 1997 game), the game does get some cool touch controls like a fixed 4-way control pad for playing on phones and iPads but it is mainly played with a virtual joystick giving it a more authentic feel. It requires 4GB of space to install and will ultimately consume 2GB memory on your device, but for Final Fantasy, it’s totally worth it! The game can be downloaded on any device running iOS8 and upwards, more specifically iPhone 5 and later, and generation 3 iPad and iPad mini 2 and above.


The best thing is, Final Fantasy VII for iOS comes with in-built cheat options where gamers can actually turn off random enemy attacks to fly through the levels. If you get stuck, simply switch to ‘Max Stats’ to boost your character level and free yourself from a sticky mess. Both features will allow you to concentrate more on the story than the fighting. To give you a heads up, the game follows the battles between a group of rebels and a corporation that wants to take over the world.


So go ahead and enjoy your game now that Square Enix has released it on iOS worldwide instead of keeping it confined to Japan where the mobile version of Final Fantasy XIII was launched. The game app has been priced at $15.99, a steep price compared to other Square Enix games on iOS and compared to its $11.99 price on Steam and PC gaming stores, but since it promises mobility, a lot of hard core gamers might overlook the increase. The company has also planned a remake of Final Fantasy VIII for the Sony PlayStation 4 and PC, announced at the E3, but the details and launch date are still under wraps.


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