FIFA 16: Ultimate Team Draft and Career Mode is Coming!

FIFA 16: Ultimate Team Draft and Career Mode is Coming!

The Gamescon 2015 saw a couple of major announcements but the one that spiked the audience’s attention was the trailer for FIFA 16 with a brand new FIFA Ultimate Team Draft and Career Mode.


FIFA Ultimate Team Draft

The trailer gives us a step by step demonstration of how to put together the Ultimate team of 11 players and 11 substitutes and a captain for the upcoming FIFA game. The Draft mode encourages team building by offering the option to choose the best players. Once the squad is ready, you can compete with friends or opponents in a series of up to four matches. Each win will earn you big rewards, including cash for the transfer budget. The FUT Draft comes with an entry fee of 15,000 coins, 300 FIFA Points, or 1 Draft Token.


There are five group formations, and the player will have to choose one formation along with a captain from a pool of five best players and the players for each position to create a full team. An official post from EA describes the new mode with the following words, “Start your FUT Draft by choosing between five different formations. Choose wisely: the formation you pick will remain as your default formation throughout the series of matches. Will you pick a formation you’re more familiar with or experiment with a formation you’ve never tried before? Any FUT player may show up in the draft, including Legends (only on Xbox) and the current week’s special in-forms. With that kind of variety, the FUT Draft is a great opportunity for all gamers to try some of the best players in the game.” 



FIFA Ultimate Team Career Mode

In the Career Mode, you get to train the team and improve their skills as well as enhance your management. Here the player can participate in mini-games to improve on the base statistics or skills of a player. Basically you get to build a strong team from old and new players. You can even take your team on friendly pre-season matches to Asia, South America, North America or Europe.

The new FIFA 16 also includes iconic stadiums, more attack options and 900 new crowd chants. Other new features include new overlays, 12 women’s international teams, new commentary and better celebrations for goals.


According to Adam Shaikh, Creative Director on FIFA Ultimate Team, “We had so much fun playing it, even as the game developers and I think that’s always a good start point. We were always really aware that this was something that was really fun and exciting and deep, and that was one of the things that really drove our early decision making. We needed this to be something people could play the whole time, over the whole year, so that’s what we really focussed on.”

The new FIFA 16 is expected for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3 consoles on September 22, 2015.


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