Carlos Gomez traded to Astros while Mets Regroup

Carlos Gomez traded to Astros while Mets Regroup

After the Mets fiasco on the field during their losing game against the San Diego Padres and the consequent falling through of the deal to acquire Carlos Gomez, the Milwaukee Brewers have confirmed that Carlos Gomez and Mike Fiers have been traded to the Houston Astros in return for Brett Phillips, Domingo Santana, pitcher Josh Hader and pitcher Adrian Houser.


What happened during the Mets game was not only unexpected, but shocked the sports faculty. During the game with the San Diego Padres a rumour spread like wildfire that New York Mets shortstop Wilmer Flores was being traded, along with pitcher Zack Wheeler to the Milwaukee Brewers for Carlos Gomez. With announcer Gary Cohen, for Sports New York, is announcing it over the mike, “Nice big hand for Wilmer Flores as he comes to bat. Most of these fans know that Wilmer’s about to get traded. Social media being such these days, everyone knows what the situation is. It’s a little odd that Wilmer’s still in the game,” the rumour seemed a certainty but had an adverse effect. Wilmer Flores had a meltdown on the field and left the Mets manager Terry Collins fuming as he had no knowledge of such a trade.


When he was informed about Flores weeping because of the trade ‘news,’ he was stunned into replying, “To who? For what? I didn’t know. I feel terrible for Wilmer. As you guys know, there’s not a finer kid in that clubhouse.” Ultimately the rumour turned out to be false, Flores had not been traded, but the Mets lost the game to the Padres.


The deal to acquire Gomez also fell through as the team took one look at his medical records and rejected him due to an alleged hip injury. Now as the Mets regroup after the fiasco, Gomez and starter Mike Fiers from Brewers have found a new home with the Houston Astros who game Gomez a clean bill of health. Now Mets GM Sandy Alderson has clarified their stand saying, “It’s very simple. Our doctors felt the health risk was too great. Houston’s doctors apparently feel otherwise. That’s it. “

The Astros, who have been after Gomez for a long time, are very happy, in fact Astros General Manager Jeff Luhnow was quoted saying, “I know nothing what happened with the . We did our homework, as we do with every trade, and we’re very comfortable with the players we got. This is what our fans want. We have a chance to win this year. We have a chance to win next year. And we’re taking advantage of it.”


Gomez is currently signed through the 2016 season and has an average of batting .262 with a .751 on-base plus slugging percentage, along with eight home runs and seven stolen bases. With all the hullabaloo dying down with the trade to Astros, Gomez only had this to say, “The only thing I tell you is I’m ready physically, mentally, to come to Houston and give everything we have and do something special.’’


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