Destroy Sent Emails at Any Time with Dmail, no Time Limit Involved

Destroy Sent Emails at Any Time with Dmail, no Time Limit Involved

If Google’s “undo-send” (allows users to recall their emails up to 30 seconds after sending it) seemed like a blessing, this extension will seem heaven-sent boon!

A self-destructing email service to destroy all those embarrassing emails you send in a moment of panic, anger or frustration; emails you wish you could take back from the moment you hit the send button or confidential emails containing sensitive financial or other information that can cause massive damage if hacked. Well now you can, with the new Dmail.


Dmail is a new Chrome browser extension by Delicious that allows you to delete emails even hours after sending them. In fact you can either delete sent emails at any point of time or choose a self-destruct date and time even before you send it. When sent messages are deleted or destroyed via Dmail, they cannot be viewed, the receiver simply gets an email that says, “this message has been destroyed and is no longer available,” or “Message Unavailable.”

Best of all, the recipient does not require the same functionality for it to work. In fact, if they don’t use Dmail themselves, they will simply receive a notification saying, “This secure message was sent using Dmail. To view this message, simply click the button below.”  Once they click the “View Message” button, it will redirect to a web view with the opened email. Recipients who have Dmail will be able to read the email directly from Gmail.


So how does Dmail work? Once you load the extension, you will see a new option in the Gmail compose interface that allows you to turn Dmail on or off. If you choose to switch it on, you can set a self-destruct time limit of an hour, a day, a week or never. So what happens if you choose never and then realize you want to recall that email? Simply go to your Sent messages and click “Revoke Email” – the recipient/s won’t even be able to see it.

The messages sent via Dmail are locally encrypted on the user’s machine with a standard 256-bit encryption algorithm. Eric Kuhn of Dmail says, “An encrypted copy of that email is sent to a datastore controlled by Dmail. The recipient of the email is sent both the location of that datastore, as well as a key to view the decrypted message. Neither Gmail nor Dmail servers ever receive both the decryption key and encrypted message. Only the recipient and sender can read the email legibly.”


With the popularity of such an extension guaranteed, the creators of Dmail, Delicious, are planning to add an update which will stop email recipients from forwarding emails. An iOS is being planned for an August release followed by the Android release – both will allow users to compose and read Dmails from their phones.

Though for now Dmail works only with Gmail, later they plan to extend the self-destruction service to other documents including PDFs. Imagine destroying a sent PDF or PPT before it falls into the wrong hands! Depending on the popularity and demand, Dmail might be made into a freemium service – free for individuals but paid for power and business users.



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