Misfit Flash Link: Wearable-cum-Smart Home Remote Control

Misfit Flash Link: Wearable-cum-Smart Home Remote Control

If you were looking to get your paws on a health wearable that also doubles up as a remote control for your camera or music player, then try the Misfit Flash Link for as low as $19.99.

Misfit is already known for its affordable yet superb Shine and Flash wearables. Now with the new Flash Link, users get a software upgrade that makes this wearable a remote control for taking selfies with the phone camera, presenting slides, connecting with Pandora, Spotify, Nest or listening to music while managing various settings like pause, play, skip songs, adjust the volume right from the wrist.


In other words, it’s an activity tracker-cum-smart remote. You can also control the wearable, and the other Shine and Flash ones, from the Link software via an iOS app which is already there in the store; the Android one is coming soon. You can use the app to add friends, create friendly competitions with them, or link the wearable to various devices that can be controlled from your wrist.


The device, which is waterproof up to 30 mts, carries inside it, a replaceable coin cell long lasting battery that gives six months with one charge and will come in multiple colour variants like in onyx, frost, reef, and Coca-Cola red along with a clasp. The sporty band however needs to be bought flashlink-100596866-largeseparately for $9.95.

Some of the things you can do with the tracker are:

  • track your steps
  • calories burned
  • distance travelled
  • sleep information

The new Misfit Flash Link is scheduled to arrive in stores later this year and by the time the production unit is on sale, it will have additional features including IFTTT and Logitech Harmony integrations. The company also announced a price cut for the Shine which is now available for $69.99 while the Flash tag has been changed to $29.99.

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