Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Steps Down [Video]!

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Steve Ballmer FarewellSteve Ballmer’s final speech was truly, madly, deeply emotional. He broke down into tears as he bid goodbye to thousands of Microsot employees. The man who crusaded revenue from $30 billion to $70 billion dollars has stepped down as ’s CEO.

Steven Anthony Ballmer ruled the roost as CEO for over a decade with his longstanding association with the Redmond company since 1980.

Ballmer was officially appointed as the CEO of the company when founder and Chairman Bill Gates relinquished his services as CEO. He was instrumental in managing company’s finances, leading operations, building strategies to empower Microsoft, planning and making acquisitions happen and of course, building Microsoft better every day.

During his reign, Microsoft was subject to a tremendous momentum of change including the company’s paradigm shift from ‘PC-first’ ideology to a much versatile and dynamic ‘devices and services’ firm. Ballmer’s rule has witnessed major events like Microsoft Surface tablets, Skype acquisition, Nokia acquisition, Windows Mobile transformation into Windows Phone OS, to name a few. Don’t miss the rarity in Steve Ballmer’s farewell exclusive video by TheVerge which awaits you right after the break.

Known for his energetic attitude and flamboyant personality, the 57-year old son of a Swiss immigrant father and an American mother, Steve Ballmer reportedly has about $18 billion dollars in his personal wealth and is a winner of the Legion of Honor, the highest decorative recognition in France.

Steve Ballmer

This Is Where It Ends!

Like every person in power, Ballmer was exposed to criticism by certain elements for several things, one of the most recent being the procrastinated launch of company’s first tablet Microsoft Surface, which debuted about 2 years after Apple’s first iPad and several other Android tablets.

Although Windows Phone OS, the company’s prime OS that powers its contemporary mobile devices is intuitive and fresh, it has a meager number of apps to go along, in comparison of its competitors.

Ballmer’s resignation came as a surprise to many although the former head honcho already announced his resignation in August 2013 publicly. Microsoft is yet to appoint a new CEO, which many expect to be, Steve Ballmer’s replacement in all aspects, yet even more better.

What remains to be seen now is who will be Microsoft’s new CEO and whether Ballmer’s dethronement brings the company yields the best for the company or leaves it in dwindling hands.

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