BBM for Android and iOS Guides Leak, Tease Imminent Release of The Apps!

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BBM-iOS-AndroidMost of us familiar with BlackBerry know that BBM is the heart of the platform, and is one of the solid selling points for BlackBerry. That technology was proprietary and limited to BlackBerry devices only until BlackBerry announced plans to release BBM for Android and iOS platforms.

Note: Beware of fraud apps available out there. BlackBerry hasn’t officially released the BBM app as of this writing.

While the BBM for iOS and Android platforms might release next month, their how-to guides prematurely went on air, perhaps accidentally – on BlackBerry’s own website. As expected, the download links now return a 404 error. Nevertheless, we now know that the apps that these apps are bound to an imminent release, hopefully.

These guides are aimed at familiarizing new users (read: iOS and Android users) with BBM, thereby providing detailed explanation on how to use BBM for text messaging, photo sharing, location sharing, voice messages and so on. However,  it might not be as exciting and new to BlackBerry users, who are already familiar with BBM.

On that note, not too long after the advent of iPhone and Android into the smartphone arena, BBM’s release on these platforms was highly anticipated. On the contrary, with the armada of apps including the likes of Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Google Hangouts (formerly Google Talk), Viber, Line and WeChat dominating the space, there’s but little anticipation remaining.


Nevertheless, the availability of BBM on Android and iOS would:

  • Allow Android and iOS users to experience BBM
  • Bridge the gap between BlackBerry and iOS/Android users allowing Android and iOS users to connect with their friends or family, if they are still somehow using BlackBerry
  • Allow users to exchange text, voice messages, images, location sharing and more
  • Serve as a saving grace and slightly give an uprising boost to BlackBerry’s declining popularity.
  • Give BlackBerry some media presence that’s otherwise been criticizing the fallen king of Canadian Silicon Valley
  • And oh, whether for good or bad, it’ll also kill the exclusiveness of app for BlackBerry devices.
  • Help BlackBerry with some revenue building, if they somehow plan to ingest advertisements for monetary gains – although that’s not likely a possibility.

Furthermore, if BBM is made available for iOS and Android devices, including tablets on each platform, BlackBerry will have a huge user bank in the more liberal version of its BBM. It wouldn’t hurt to see BBM for iPhone, BBM for iPad and BBM for Android tablets release alongside too. There’s little word on how BBM will work on these devices as yet, but make sure to hit back for an update for more details as they surface.

We’ll keep you posted. Stay tuned!

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