Android 4.3 Update For Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One Play Edition Phones Goes Live!

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The Beasts taste the new Jellybean. HTC-OneGoogle has discreetly released the much awaited Android 4.3 update for Galaxy S4 and HTC One Android phones except it’s only for Google Play Edition phones. A keen-eyed user at XDA developer forum claims to have already received the Android 4.3 update for HTC One and so has our friends at TheVerge.

While Android 4.3 brings numerous enticing enhancements to your Android device, many of them aren’t drop-dead fancy – at least if you are already running Android 4.2 or have least interest in maintain separate profiles for users on your Android device – a feature that tops the list of what’s new in Android 4.3.

If you happen to be using the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition or the HTC One Google Play Edition phone, jump to the Settings menu to check for software updates for your device. The rest of you can head past to know more about Android 4.3 features.

Android 4.3 still bears the Jelly Bean moniker, which tells us it’s not that big an update, but it does bring some significant new features. The cynosure of the new package is the ‘Restricted Profiles’ feature. This feature allows you to have multiple user profiles on your Android device – just like you’d have on Windows or Unix-based PC.


Such a feature ensures that data for a particular user is restricted to his/her profile and not accessible by other users. This feature therefore comes in handy when you want to restrict access to certain apps (think Facebook or Mobile Banking! – to say the least) from your children or just want to allow your guest to use your device. It‘s also a welcome feature for Android devices used for unattended access such as for Kiosk displays or at public terminals.

Google Play Edition phones  are those phones that come with ‘pure Android’ OS – meaning with no carrier/vendor-specific custom software layered on the Android version released by Google. For the first time somehow, Samsung and HTC One have agreed to allow their top-notch devices to have an alter ego version of their best-yet smartphones since that privilege was an exclusive asset of Google’s Nexus line of smartphones.

Next in line are Bluetooth improvements that bring support for Bluetooth AVRCP 1.3 that provides song details on your car’s stereo. Enhancements to Bluetooth also include support for low-energy Bluetooth Smart accessories that brings support for Bluetooth Smart fitness accessories among other devices.

Then there is auto complete feature that also begins to suggest contacts from your address book as you start punching numbers- now even on Stock android OS, as long as it is Android 4.3, that is.

samsung-galaxy-s4-accessoriesOther Android 4.3 features include support for OpenGL ES 3.0 for high-end graphics, wireless display support to ensure devices like the new Nexus 7 or the Nexus 10 can stream content to your large screen TV, support for virtual surround sound, improved input, more number of languages, location improvements that automatically turn on Wi-Fi to look for a location when required, faster access to the device from the lock screen and much more.

Now all that punch comes stock with Android 4.3 OS update. While the users of Play Edition Android phones will certainly get the updates sooner than others, the rest will be receiving the updates as soon as your carrier or vendor skins the bare Android version with its own adornments and customizations. While that is destined to happen for sure, details on the Android 4.3 release date for other devices isn’t on our records yet.

Needless to say, we will hit back with an update when that happens. Meanwhile, suit yourself with a data/device backup if you are ready to take the plunge. Stay tuned!

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