Retina Display on iPad Mini: Does it Really Matter?

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retina_iconIf you are reading this, there is a fair chance that you’ve either heard about the Retina Display at least once or loved having one on your device. For the rest of you, here is some detail about what some call miraculous technology.

Retina Display is Apple’s fancy way of addressing compact LCD displays that pack enough pixel density to be indistinguishable by the human eye – when viewed from a distance. Since their debut in iPhone 4, the Retina Displays have come to make an identity of their own, and the rest as they say, is history.


With the iPhone, iPod Touch, the iPad and the Macbook Pro getting this high-clarity displays, word is in the air that the next generation of the iPad Mini – the smaller version of the iPad – might also come with the much-acclaimed Retina Display. But does that really matter?

To the unknowing common man merely looking for a tablet PC of any kind, it does not matter very much. Or better so, does not matter at all.  To the silent geek hidden inside you, it shouldn’t be a hard decision to make unless you want to be like a cat drinking milk with eyes closed.


Now that we are emphasizing it is necessary, let’s see why? Firstly, an iPad Mini with Retina Display would seem fairly conventional and inline with Apple’s recent advancement in using high pixel density (read: Retina Display) displays on its mobile devices.

Secondly, there are quite a bunch of tablets that have amazing picture clarity and display resolutions. Google’s recently released Nexus 7 Android tablet is a straight set example.  The new Nexus 7 tablet with 1920×1200 pixel display packing a 323ppi density and all its amazing specifications is certainly a punch and –  in a way, yet another reason why Apple should consider using a denser-pixelated display on the upcoming version of the iPad Mini.

Nexus 7 Display

The current (first) generation of iPad Mini has roughly about 163 pixels per inch while the new Nexus 7 has precisely 323 pixels per inch irrespective of the slight difference (about an inch)  in their display sizes. If Apple isn’t going to boost the display resolution of the new iPad Mini, it’s certainly going to lose a lot.

But, a considerable measure of consumers with a generic or little brand or OS preference will likely choose Google’s new Nexus 7 over the relatively poor iPad Mini 2. Now that’s so because by Steve’s principle, the new Google Nexus 7 tablet technically has a ‘Retina Display’ since it’s pixel density crosses 300ppi. Hence in our opinion, the Nexus 7 is inarguably the best budget tablet you could buy right now – even if your priority is a high resolution display.

It has often been misconceived that an iPad Mini Retina Display would certainly bring irrefutable picture clarity to your mini iPad but at the cost of battery backup while recent advancements have proved otherwise. The new iPad boasts an amazing battery backup time of approximately 10 hours, even as it comes with the so called Retina Display.

iPad Mini trio

While rumors about Apple working on an iPad Mini Retina Display are surging, recent reports have contrarily shown fading possibilities. Apple’s recent release of iOS 7 Beta 4 apparently showed no hints of a Retina Display support for the iPad Mini 2013 although deep-dive introspection by an iOS developer revealed that Apple could be working on newer models of iPad Mini with a faster processor.

Apple is expected to launch a new version of iPad Mini sometime around September this year. Opinionating from the aforementioned, we think Apple inevitably needs to build the new iPad Mini with a Retina Display – to keep up with the competition and to keep consumers coming to its new little product as it always has – since display resolution is one of the pivotal specifications that customers look for when buying such gadgets and using a Retina Display on the iPad Mini 2 will only give Apple’s consumer reach a boost that it needs at this moment now that the new Nexus 7  is already here — and soon many such will be. What do you think?

While details on this subject are scanty at the moment, more details will start surfacing as the iPad Mini 2 closes in towards its launch. We will keep you posted. Stay tuned!

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