Windows Phone 8 OS To Increase Money-Making Opportunities, Will Be Available In 180 Countries At Launch!

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Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform is expanding at a steady rate and the incoming announcements only make it seem even more pleasant, more so, to the developer community. Last month Microsoft officially announced Windows Phone 8 OS – the next big version of its growingly popular mobile OS.

Now, it has announced that with the launch of Windows Phone 8 OS, Windows Phone 8 Marketplace will be available in 180 countries across the globe. That’s over thrice the number of countries currently supporting Windows Phone Marketplace.

Furthermore, Windows Phone 8 App Hub, which was available to developers in about 38 countries previously will also be made available in these countries. Here’s the complete list of countries in discussion – along with the mention of Microsoft’s idea on ‘money-making opportunities’ using Windows Phone 8 OS.

As much as we’ve noticed, Microsoft is emphasizing majorly on apps for Windows Phone 8 alongside investing stringent efforts to make sure more and more developers embrace its fresh-baked platform.

One of the way to keep developers interested in the platform is to show them potential return of investments. If we consider Microsoft’s way of doing this, the Seattle giant wants developers to make use of the in-app purchasing feature of the Windows Phone 8 OS to make more money.

“Windows Phone 8 brings in-app purchase capability, providing an important new way to profit from your apps. In addition to what you earn from advertising or app sales, you can also now sell virtual goods and services within the app.”

This implies that you can roll out an update to your app by adding new features to the same application and earn money. While the update itself will be apparently free to download, users will be able to purchase digital goodies for in-app usage, which will not only benefit Microsoft but also the party developing these apps.

Another benefit out of this approach can be seen as a resource that “helps extend the shelf life of the app—because you can keep adding new items to keep your customers interested”.

While App Hub will enable in-app commerce with the tool provided within, developers can choose and customize the pricing and countries where the app will be available. Not only this, App Hub reporting tools can also be used to generate detailed reports of your apps sold.

Microsoft Windows Phone 8 is a successor to the Windows Phone 7.x OS. It is built on the same technology that drives the Windows 8 operating system for tablets and desktops, larger scope for app support, better user experience and even more adorable user interfaces.

It is expected to catalyze the popularity of Windows Phone platform at launch. As of June 2012, Microsoft Windows Phone 7.x has over 1,00,000 apps. It will also support multi-core processor technology, NFC radios and microSD memory card with the launch of Windows 8 OS among other things.

We will keep you posted as more details surface. Stay tuned!

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  1. By: Horace bigley on July 7, 2012 at 10:25 am

    I think they have 100,000 not 1,000,000.