The Galileo: Awesomest iPhone Accessory Yet!

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Galileo is one of the many cool Kickstarter projects that’s well funded by people like you and I who like the concept and love the finished product. Simply put, its a mount for your iPhone that can be controlled via another iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android phones, Windows Phone or a web app during a video call/conference.

Motrr, the company that makes Galileo has made an SDK available for developers to get creative with the product and come up with an entirely new software or just integrate Galileo into their existing app. Though its an interesting product and will sell like hot cakes, I doubt if many people will put it to use as intended or find any use of it in the regular course of day. It’s an awesome gadget, I just don’t think everyone has an extra iPhone to leave it on the mount for remote monitoring or given its screen size leaving it couple of feets away while on a video call might not be that great of an experience. After watching the videos I understand time-lapse could be an interesting use of this gadget.

I might be jumping the gun, after all I am yet to get my hands on it, but if you end-up buying one as well, be sure to let us know how often you put it to use.

Also, if you are planning to buy one, this might be the best time to pre-order as its selling for $85 on Kickstarter after (21st April) which it will come to the market at a retail price of around $130.

Click here to buy Galileo from Kickstarter or watch the following videos to see how it works.

Time-lapse shot using The Galileo

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