Dear Facebook, Hulu, WhatsApp and Other Half-Assed Windows Phone Apps!

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I used iPhone for years and using Windows Phone is a breath of fresh air, it smells freedom! OK – That was a little dramatic, I never had an issue with Apple’s control over iPhone and the App-store, in fact I liked it that way. It kept low quality, malware and other information-stealing applications away from the users. I felt protected :) That’s that!

I moved to Windows Phone, Nokia’s Lumia 900 about a week ago and I’ve had an awesome experience with the Windows platform so far, but not so much with the applications. It’s clearly a half-assed attempt from some of the biggest and most popular names in the app world.

When it comes to app quality, it goes without saying that my point of reference are apps running on iPhone. So when I use some of my favorite applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Hulu, etc.. I can’t help but compare the user experience of these apps with the ones on iPhone and the results are below average at best.

Most of the apps have features on iPhone, that are completely missing on Windows phones! I don’t get it; if a particular feature worked for millions of users on the iPhone, what makes the developers think Windows Phone users won’t like or need it? It’s a no brainer!

Though most of these applications offer basic functionality and get the job done it feels like they are on the Windows Marketplace just for the heck of it. If you consider Windows Phone any less important than iPhone or its closest rivals because of the number of users, do all of us a favor, don’t develop apps for the “less important” platforms and small number of users, but if you decide to do it, we expect you to deliver an experience that is comparable to apps on other popular platforms.

I really hope this write-up reaches some of the developers working on popular windows mobile apps. So, if you are a windows phone user or just someone who appreciates good quality apps, share it and spread the word!

Thank You!

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  1. By: Hulu User on April 12, 2012 at 2:56 pm

    There is no Windows Phone version of Hulu.

  2. By: Abbas on April 12, 2012 at 3:37 pm

    There is a non-official version of Hulu available for Windows Phone. The message is for developers and companies both. If you are working on a Windows Phone app, then do the best you can!