The Invisible Mercedes: What Are You Looking At [Video]!

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See that picture on the right?  Out of the James Bond it may seem, but it’s not an Aston Martin. Yet, it has the power to go invisible. Mercedes Benz has rolled out an unusual automobile which carries a rather debatable ‘invisible’ word in its name.

The Mercedes Benz Invisible Car (or mini van, to be precise) is an automobile that’s invisible to everything.

Utilizing the F-Cell Hydrogen Fuel technology, the vehicle promises absolutely 0.00% emissions which makes it a 100% eco-friendly. Besides that, the technology used in the car also deserves some extravagant attention.

Covered entirely with LEDs on one side of the car, the LED diodes are transmitted an image from the other side through the Canon 5D Mark II DSLR camera fitted there, thereby creating the ‘invisible’ effect. We’ve to admit, it’s so awesome, and it’s 100% real. Head past the break to see jaws drop and heads turn as the invisible car glides on the road. Bet,  you’ll love it :)

This has to be coolest of the hydrogen fuel cars  we have ever known, and so being able to get your hands on one such transparent Mercedes (or even any such transparent car) should be an extraordinarily exhilarating affair. What do you think?

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