Samsung’s CES 2012 Video Teaser Hints Of A Better Smart TV Next Year [Video]!

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With CES 2012 just around the corner, Samsung released a new video teaser suggesting that something big for TV industry is coming from the Korean giant and it will be on display at CES 2012.

The video shows the evolution of the Television in the last 60 years, of course not technically but it conveys the meaning. From bulky boxes with cathode ray tubes to super sleek TVs with internet connectivity, TVs have come this far.

And evolution with time still continues. Samsung has been pretty good in the TV industry, particularly with the Smart TVs that sport internet connectivity and access to some of the most widely used apps and services.

What’s coming next from Samsung is “the future of Smart TVs” which leaves us a little too excited to assert anything at this moment. But, if we were to speculate a possibility, it wouldn’t be impractical to see a full-fledged Android-based TV from Samsung at this CES.

Samsung has been playing smart in the smartphone industry, and it’s closest outperforming competitor Apple is expected to release a Siri-enabled iOS TV that does not rely on an external set top box. And it’s highly expected to be a winner out of the shell.

Samsung will be presenting the “Future of Smart TV, Now” at this year’s 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. This video looks back at the many changes TVs and their owners have undergone over the past decades. Even though it hints at what’s happening next, you’ll have to wait until this year’s CES to see what the future of Samsung Televisions really has in store.

Samsung may have similar plans minus the Siri-like technology unless Google officially announced the voice-based assistant codenamed ‘Majel’ that it’s secretly working on at Google X labs. We could possibly see a Samsung Android TV with plenty of smart features, and ability to control it with any Android device by your sleeve.

But, all that, only time will tell. We will be zooming in to the party to keep you updated about all the exciting happenings and releases at CES 2012. Meanwhile, watch this video teaser for Samsung at CES 2012 after the dot.

We will keep you posted as more details surface. Stay tuned!

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