Apple Readies For Black Friday 2011, Announces One-Day Apple Shopping Event On 25th November!

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In just a matter of two days, it will be shopping time for all ’cause it’s Black Friday which is falling on the 25th day of this month. Just like countless others, Apple will be offering exclusive discounts on its products on this eve.

It will be a one-day offer with discounts on several of Apple products including iPods, iPhones, iPads and much more. Apple has already announced that it will offering exclusive Black Friday discounts on products through the company’s website.

Although, it is not yet clear what will be included in the price deal, the banner (embedded below) is currently found on select Apple websites for countries like Australia and Italy.

“Mark your calendar now, and come back to the Apple Online Store for the special one-day event. You’ll discover amazing iPad, iPod and Mac gifts for everyone on your list.”

As RedmondPie notes, Apple offered the following discounts on last year’s Black Friday. Perhaps, it will be similar deals this year too.

iMac: $101 off all models

MacBook Pro: $101 off all models

MacBook Air: $101 off all models

iPod Nano: $11 off 8GB, $21 off 16GB

iPad: ($41 off all models)

iPod touch: ($21-$41 depending on model)

It is worth noting that the prices mentioned above hail from last year’s Black Friday eve. Apple is yet to announce the deals and discounts it will be offering this year on the same day. Regardless, you can buy Apple products on discounted prices on 25th of this month, either online or by visiting an Apple Store near you.

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