Sean Garrett Head of Twitter Communications Quits Twitter!

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Sean Garrett, the head of Twitter’s PR operations has just announced via Twitter that he’s leaving his job at Twitter for unobvious reasons. The person responsible for building up the Twitter’s PR team hasn’t announced what’s up his sleeve next.

That’s a bit cryptic, just as his series of tweets that eventually revealed his plans of departure from Twitter to the world. He also confirmed that Twitter (at least currently) does not have a replacement for him, but that we will know more about with passing time.

In his tweets, he claims that his 2 years of work at Twitter looked like 10 years, and it indeed was the best of his career. Potentially, Twitter has just lost a wonderful PR guy but Sean Garret leaved behind a wonderful team of 8 PR folks who can pretty much handle it all, easily.

The list curated by Marshall Kirkpatrick includes:

A very brief background about Sean Garrett :

  • He was heading the Twitter’s Communications operations for two years.
  • Prior to working at Twitter, Sean Garret worked at the company he co-founded. It’s a tech PR agency named 463 Communications.
  • AS TechCrunch reports, Sean Garret earlier worked at Applied Communications. He also worked at Bite Communications. Both these companies were managed by Next Fifteen.

It is being speculated that Twitter’s latest substantial recruit Karen Wickre could assume those responsibilities, but an excerpt from the info on her blog suggests otherwise.

She will be the Editorial Director for Twitter. Her Twitter bio reads ” Word wrangler at Twitter. Media obsessive, art & dog enthusiast. Internet lover. Xoogler. Seeker of the obscure and ironic. Amused by much. Hopeful.”

Yes, she may be the new person dealing with that stuff, but at this point of time, nothing can be ascertained until Twitter officially announces it, or concrete sources hint otherwise.

We will keep you posted as more details surface. Stay tuned!

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