BlackBerry Colt: First-Ever BlackBerry QNX Phone May Launch In Q1, 2012!

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Leaks and rumors. Oh, we love them for the diversity of detail they bring. At times, it’s heart breaking that most of these never make it to reality, but often otherwise they hint us on what the most-anticipated next phone or a big-fin tablet may look like or sport under its hood.

According to the latest report by BGR, Research in Motion is already testing its first-ever BlackBerry QNX phone. This obviously suggests that the device has been into flesh for quite sometime, and is now in the process of testing and software verification.

While there’s a dearth of the actual specs that can confirm the device’s mettle and substance, it’s being reported that the new BlackBerry Colt QNX phone will sport a powerful CPU and may perhaps skip BES support, at least at the time when it’s launched. More details after the break.

Expect the BlackBerry Colt to sport at least a gigahertz of CPU, about 1GB of RAM, a snappy camera, social networking integration, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, built-in NFC, onboard GPS, digital compass and much more. The cynosure feature will however be the QNX OS that will grace the hardware under the hood.

Even as it was speculated that the new Blackberry phones will be powered by snappy dual-core processors, the current report claims that the BlackBerry Colt that’s being tested sports a single-core CPU. Nothing can be ascertained though, until RIM officially announces it.

Research in Motion is strongly expected to launch its future devices that run on the new QNX OS which debuted with the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet PC. Although, the PlayBook is a nice tablet with style and substance, it lacked BES support out of the box, which earned it unfavourable criticism.

If rumours were anything to go by, the new BlackBerry handsets (at least the BlackBerry Colt) will launch without native BES support. While that’s a significant change, it remains to be seen how BES fanatics react to RIM’s decision of allegedly skipping BES support in its future devices.

While it’s not entirely clear if BES will be totally excluded, users will still have an option to use secure corporate email services on the BlackBerry Colt using Microsoft ActiveSync. However, we expect RIM to release an update that enables BES on QNX phones once it rewrites the favourable code for the new QNX OS.

BES has been the heart and soul of BlackBerry devices, since long ever. If RIM axes support for BES in the upcoming BlackBerry QNX phones, it would lose a greater part of the legacy that’s been holding BlackBerry firm on its grounds since long. On a brighter side, you would save those green leaves otherwise expended in availing exclusive BlackBerry services. Or is it?

If everything goes as expected, RIM would dateline Q1 2012 as the time slot for BlackBerry Colt release. There’s nary a word from RIM in this regard, but we’ll keep you posted as more details surface.

Stay tuned!

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