The Unfeigned Critique : Why Shouldn’t You Buy The iPad 2?

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The iPad 2 is a revolution in all terms, most of us (if not all) think and tend  to believe that. We’d certainly echo your opinions and perceptions – but the plethora of tablets hitting the markets these days, sometimes loaded with even better specs than the iPad 2, leads us to think slightly otherwise.

We were inevitably coerced to postulate our opinions, and this is why we bring you our unfeigned critique on reasons not to buy the iPad 2 (no offense, Apple). If you were considering to buy the iPad 2 but have held off for some reason, here’s our breakdown on the issue.

But just in case, you wanted to affirm your decision to buy the iPad 2, you may want to read our unfeigned critique on reasons to buy the iPad 2. Else, let’s just begin with the most basic feature which since missing from iPad has been used as a bonus by other vendors to promote their own tablets in the market : the lack of support for Adobe Flash plug-in.

Although, there are a bunch of apps that allow you to run Adobe Flash-based content on the iPad, the device itself doesn’t natively support the feature. The rivals of the iPad, which boast the Flash plugin support are ‘killing’ the fun in buying the iPad.

Apple boasts that the iPad 2 has dual-cameras  but failed to mention a word on camera pixels. Although, it does mention that the primary camera is adept enough to do HD videos and the front-facing camera equally good at making FaceTime video calls, numerous sources reported that the iPad 2 cameras aren’t as magical as expected.

Reportedly, the cameras click still images in mediocre quality. Well, at least that’s something that was not expected from the tablet maker that revolutionized the tablet PC industry. Although, we weren’t able to test it ourselves, we are bound to believe what our folks at other leading web portals opined.

The iPad 2, although touted to be potentially capable of doing almost everything, doesn’t support the direct usage of USB devices with the device. So, if you are looking to plug-in a USB-based device into the iPad’s casing, you are certainly out of luck.

Also, if you want to plug in your cameras, you will have to shell out some more green leaves to buy the required connecting adapter. For instance, many competing tablet PCs in the market have at least a pair of USB ports unlike the iPad/iPad 2.

Plus, there is no support of extending the device’s onboard storage. Whatever storage variant (whethere 16GB/32GB/64GB) you buy, you get to use a fixed amount of storage, unlike other tablets like the Motorola Xoom which in addition to the onboard storage allow expansion of storage space using a microSD card.

Furthermore, these devices have more amount of RAM and processor power than the second-generation iPad 2. Now, that’s one of the few things that we pointed out. Sure, there are a lot more things to say, but we are confining the length of the post here.

In a gist, there are plenty of other powerful tablets in the market that offer you more feasibility of choice and variety than the iPad 2. No doubt, the iPad 2 may be the iteration of the world’s once most powerful tablet PC, but the times have changed, and so have the choices.

And yes, if you still want to buy an iPad, you may want to consider buying the original iPad models which are selling at discounted prices through Apple, provided you don’t give a damn to the presence/absence of cameras on your tablet, and if high-performance and newer hardware isn’t your specific concern.

Are you buying an iPad 2? Or, will you jump for an Android tablet or wait for the Web OS boasting HP tablet PC? Maybe, you are interested in the BlackBerry Playbook, or is it? Anyway, let us know which tablet you’d prefer given the plethora of choices on hand.

For a tinge of humor, we have included a couple videos that are humorous (and sarcastic, to an extent) in detailing on why iPad 2 shouldn’t be your choice.

And also, you will certainly not want to miss this one. Go, feast your eyes.

Video 2 :Apple iPad 2 Does Everthing — A Brief And Witty Hands-On With The “iPad 2″

(Note : The device shown in the above video is not the real iPad 2.)

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