Download Android 2.3 SDK, Android Gingerbread OS Goes Official!

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Google Android 2.3 SDK is now official. For developers, the Android 2.3 SDK download is now available from Google, in all its glory and mightiness. The new SDK is a successive release to the Android 2.2 OS that’s now gracing Android smartphones all across the globe.

Also known as the Android Gingerbread SDK, the platform included downloadable Android libraries, a system image, a set of emulator skins and even more. Some of the refinements and features in the latest version of Android OS SDK are as follows.

Android 2.3 features substantial user interface modifications which further refine the simplicity of the OS and speed it up. The Android 2.3 OS is faster, intuitive and more responsive than ever. Features and enhancement like Power Management, better control over apps, innovative communication procedures, support for internet calling, a dedicated download manager are some of the highlights of the Android Gingerbread OS.

The Android 2.3 SDK platform bring SIP-based VOIP which enables voice calling support which is “transparently” handled by the SIP API and the platform’s services. This will allow users to mute calls, enable speaker phone, send DTMF tones and do much more (see the video brief-up below) once a call is established.

Android 2.3 also packages NFC stack and framework API, support for gyroscope, rotation vector sensor, linear acceleration sensor, gravity sensor and barometer. Support for mixed camera support allowing apps to make use of any camera available on the device for photo or video shoot is also included.

Other reported features include mixed audio effects, a built-in Download Manager module that supports prolonged HTTP downloads, StrictMode that monitors system performance, UI framework, support for extra large screen sizes, enhanced graphics, location manager, native access to activity lifecycle and even more.

There are a plethora of built-in apps, multitude of supported languages and a variety of emulator skins that allow developers to model and test their apps on different screen sizes and varied resolutions.

Check out the following video for Google Android 2.3 OS brief-up.

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  1. By: Scott on December 6, 2010 at 4:01 pm

    From what I have read to date it seems like Wifi proxy support again has been ignored. As a corporate user I am perplexed as to why Google continues to flip the bird to the corporate user by not adding this basic feature to the OS. I hate to say it but I am going to have to seriously think about dumping this device and switch to and iPhone. New features are nice to have but why add new features when you don't have the basic features in place already. Would you spend money on new hardwood for your house if you only had half of the roof intact?

  2. By: j on January 8, 2011 at 7:32 am