ChevronWP7 Can Unlock Windows Phone 7, Unleash Your Phone’s Full Potential!

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Getting a device unlocked for improved functionality is a pretty thing to do. Call it jailbreaking – a term which has been profoundly associated with Apple iOS-based products like iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. And now, Microsoft’s brand new mobile OS Windows Phone 7 joins the league.

You can now get your Windows Phone 7 unlocked to avail “full” functionality. Once users , they avail access to the private APIs, modify the WP& user interface on their phones, allow side-loading of home brew apps and access to the device’s root for full control which would otherwise be restricted in a WP7 device by default.

Software is an easy-to-use software tool. One just needs to download and install the tool, connect your phone to the system and graduate through the low-risk and straight-forward software interface. In case you need to revert to the previous state, know that the process is completely reversible.

Jailbreaking Windows Phone 7 isn’t piracy. It’s a legal practice. Here’s what the developers of the Chevron WP7 Unlock tool have to say in this regard :

“..The ability to sideload and run unpublished applications is a supported functionality of all Windows Phone 7 devices. Although not enabled by default, it’s a behavior embedded into the design of the operating system itself. That’s all ChevronWP7 does.”

Reportedly, this unlocking tool for Windows Phone 7 is compatible with all the smartphones running Windows Phone 7 OS. However, we would recommend you to back up your device data before experimenting with the update.

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