The Unfeigned Critique : iOS Vs Windows Phone 7 Gaming : What Is The Future?

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iPhone Vs Windows Phone 7The iPhone has revolutionized the smartphone market, literally and we’ve admitted this a thousand times, would you agree any less? Now, that Android is evolving and Windows Phone 7 coming up, Apple iOS, the mogul of smartphone gaming may bear a striking threat from its competitors.

While Android is still in the evolutionary stages of gaming, and iOS practically dominating the smartphone gaming arena, Microsoft has sagely designed the Windows Phone 7 OS not just to savor the smartphone hungry users but also to the gaming souls who soothe their psyches with these games.

The Windows Phone 7 can do almost everything the iPhone can. We are not exaggerating but there is a very fair possibility of it posing a striking competition to the iOS. What makes us say so? Well, we have included video testaments for the answer. Go, take a look.

Why did Apple make it big in the gaming  arena? The answer is simple. iPhone is one of the first full-touchscreen phones that began dominating the world and with no physical controls available to control the games, users had to rely completely on the touchscreen to control the games.


Apple’s recently announced GameCenter created a lot of fuss prior to its launch, but there is nothing seriously interesting apart from pushing a status update and finding friends for group gaming. At least, that’s what we really think.

Now, the Android OS has evolved. Why? That’s because unlike Apple, Google Android is open source and it opens a lot of possibilities for open source developers to frame their own games and push up for sales or demonstrate them on the platform.

Sure, Apple does allow developers to showcase their talents, but you never know what could be the outcome, thumbs up or nothing at all. And because Android OS is imbibed by a lot of hardware manufacturers, support for Android gaming is more diverse than iOS, at least in this regard.

Now, let’s scribble the truth about Windows Phone 7 games. Seriously, all these device pack at least a Gigahertz of processing power and about 512MB of RAM, support for enhanced graphics and giant (or large) 3.x inches displays. And what a start for WP7 : watch the Sims 3 and Need For Speed Undercover For WP7 devices in action in the aforementioned videos.

 We seriously love graphic-rich gaming on smartphones for it drives home the point of carrying your PSP or other portable gaming pawns with us all the time – or whenever we feel like gaming. Be it Pacman for Android, FIFA 2011 for iPhone or NFS series of games or even the all-time classic Jewel tetris, Sudoku, Mario or other games : everything’s worth a gameplay.

 In the forthcoming releases, we believe Windows Phone 7 is going to be equally popular like the iOS for gaming, and of course, Android games already constitute the league of gaming smartphones. Nevertheless, iPhone may still have the incessant lead, unless strategically countered by Android or WP7 games.

And because, Microsoft is launching its new mobile OS on multiple harware brands, there is a considerable possibility for a counter belief. But, when we wind up all that : at the end of day we still wish to see concept phones like Nokia gaming phone hitting reality. Wouldn’t want the same, honestly?

Introducing “The Unfeigned Critique” – a review post that updates you with our unbiased and honest-to-truth reviews about the talk-of-the-season technology and gizmos.


 You are invited to gossip, appreciate, criticize or voice your views on the post. We’d appreciate everything original. Stay tuned!

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    Streetfighter or Need for speed on the iPhone still rules...