6 Things You Should Try After iOS 4 Update!

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Apple’s iOS 4 update is just a couple of hours away. It’s a major update from Apple that brings much awaited features like multitasking etc. to the millions of iPhones.

Almost every iPhone user has been waiting for this update since it was announced last month and its needless to say a couple million iPhone users will SYNC their iPhones at midnight!

So, don’t expect to get your hands on iOS 4 without trying a few times and experiencing a few failed downloads.

Anyway, here is a list of things you should try the moment you update to iOS 4.

1. Update Apps

Alright, first things first, once iOS 4 is up and running on your pretty phone jump right into the App Store and make sure you upgrade all your apps to the latest version. This is important because the applications have been updated to take advantage of the new iOS 4 features.

I’ve already seen a lot of applications updated for iOS 4 compatibility in the last week.

So update the apps to use iOS 4 to its full potential.

2. Multi-Tasking

This is the most awaited feature of this major update. It’s important to know that this multitasking on iPhone is not similar to the multitasking we are used to. Apple has approved only 7 tasks that can run in the background. So an application that does on or more than one of the 7 listed tasks can multi-task .

Double-tap your home screen quickly to bring up the hidden multitask bar which shows the applciations running in the background. You can either switch between the applciations by tapping on the one you like or click on the X to close the application you no longer want keep open in the background.

Remember the first point, update your apps!

Note: Click here to enable Multitasking on iPhone 3G

3. Folders

This feature comes to the rescue of many of us who use or have a lot of applications installed. I buy an application thinking “Oh what an application, I have to have it” but a couple of days after installation it gets lost with all the other applications.

Simply drag one application over another to create a folder. Folder is named automatically if one application dragged over another are from the same category. It’s needless to say that you can rename these folders to whatever you like.

This feature will help you group and organize your application for easy accessibility!

4. Single Inbox

Each one of  us has more than one email address. The least we have a personal and the work e-mail address. Until now you had to go back and switch between your inboxes  to check for new messages on another IDs.

Now you can simply choose to club and stream all your mails into one inbox to avoid the hassle of switching between inboxes.

Go to the e-mail accounts area which shows you all the accounts that are setup on the phone and select “All Inboxes” from the list, Ta-da! You are done.

Now all your e-mails will be showing in one single stream. In case you don’t want all your mails in a single stream, simply go back and select the individual inbox.

5. Tap to Focus on Video

We’ve all used Tap to Focus for clicking pictures and now this feature can be used while shooting videos as well.

Try it out I am pretty sure you’ll like it because this feature works like a charm in the picture-mode.

6. iMovie – iPhone 4 Only!

It is one of the most popular video editing softwares on Mac. Apple now brings it to the iPhone to offer better video editing options for prettier videos. iMovie will be available on App Store for $4.99 and should go on sale after iOS 4 is officially released in couple of hours.

This app obviously does not replicate all the features of the app on Mac but offers features like adding music, transitions, etc.. its well worth it.

Because this application needs a lot of memory to run, it can only be used iPhone 4 which has 512MB memory chip installed.

Update [removed iPhone 3GS]: iMovie works on iPhone 4 only with 512MB memory, unless someone hacks it to work on iPhone 3GS.

That’s about it, those where few of the things I thought were worth checking immediately after updating to iOS 4. Do leave a comment to let us know if there are any other features you’d like to see on the list.

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  1. By: Teddy F. on June 21, 2010 at 12:18 pm

    The update is available NOW! I plugged my iPhone to my computer and started iTunes and it notified me that an update to iOS 4 was available. Downloading it now! HURRY before Apple's website notifies everyone and the servers get bogged down!

  2. By: Rob on July 20, 2010 at 12:41 pm

    Wow with this update you are caplable of about 40% of what an Andoid phone is, and with the updated background (desktop image) you are about 25% as sexy and Android, shame you couldnt get the background image to pan when shifting screens like Andoid has in every version, but keep at it iphone you are the little os that could (be almost as good as every other mobile os out there)