Apple Education : Get 20% Off on iPads For Students

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ibooks_hero_20100225In an attempt to make the iPads affordable to students, Apple has taken an initiative to offer it’s latest tablet PCs on a discounted price to students.

The Apple Education Store is taking pre-orders for iPads for students in packages start with a minimum count of 10 iPads  which cost about $4790 for the 16GB to the 32 GB iPad version with Apple care for $6580.

The following chart lists the details on prices and details of the various iPads available under iPad students discounts.  The iPads bundled in these packages are not meant for individual resale.

This takes the discount to a 20% amount of the original iPad price and this is one reason why the students and the staff in a college or university should take advantage of.

iPad is a very versatile device, just like its elder sibling, iPhone. So does it feature enormous potential that can be utilized for education purposes. For example, a lecture may be use the WiFi network connectivity in the college/university to live broadcast his lectures or deliver his seminars.


Students can use the iPads large screen to take digital notes, read ebooks and even study the curriculum in eformat, provided the ibooks become available for academic subjects, which will only boost the iPad scales to a very considerable extent.

The iPad supports  iWork application of the mac computers fame, which makes it possible to easily read and even edit documents. Also there is kindle for iPhone app, that lets you read Kindle books on your iPhone.

With internet connectivity on iPad, students already have an endless resource of knowledge, called as Internet, in their hands. Furthermore, the iPad can be used to view educational video tutorials, listen to audio books, view presentations and much more.

Say, social networking is another means of communication for educational purpose .The device has incredible potential, seamless applications, and lets us explore endless possibilities.

Click here for more details on iPad Discounts For Students or to preorder a student iPad bundle.

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