“F*ck Google” Makes a New Record in the Last 40 Days!

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has been subjected to more negativity in the last couple of week than it was anytime in the past. In the recent past I’ve heard/read phrases which include words “Fuck” and “” more than ever before.

Let me put things in perspective. The term “Fuck Google” appears 33,900 times during the period of last 40 days (Jan 4th, 2010 to Feb 14th, 2010screenshot) and 33,500 times during the entire 7 months (1st of May to 31st of December 2009screenshot). The most popular quote “Google’s ‘Don’t Be Evil’ Mantra is ‘Bullshit” came from Mr. Jobs couple of weeks ago. Though it does not read F*ck Google, feelings are the same.

Those numbers show that Google obviously did things in the last 40 days that pissed off quite a few Google users and others too. Google’s stock prices have fallen close to $100 in the last 40 days which can be counted as one of the indicators of how the overall industry feels about the company’s operations during the same period.

Let’s dig a little deeper. Few of the things that caused the outrage during this time are…

  • Slow internet speed at Airports Wi-Fi during the holidays
  • Google’s EFT (Early Termination Charges) charges on Nexus One
  • Google-China hack saga. Though majority were in favor of Google’s stand some of them accused Google of putting up a show.
  • Reduced share of Adsense publishers [link]
  • Google and NSA partnership [link]
  • F*ck You, Google – Google Street View Car being followed (Free Art & Technology)
  • F*ck You, Google – Google Buzz Privacy Concerns [link] – I’d say Google screwed her so bad the blog is not in the protected state! Thanks to Gizmodo, you can access her post here.

Growing negative statements cannot be good for any company, I am sure PR guys at Google are hard at work.

What do you guys think? Is all this negativity towards Google justified?

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