Firefox Fennec: Firefox For Mobiles Launching Soon, Nokia N900 To Embrace First

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Firefox Fennec LogoMozilla Firefox needs no introduction, but then, we are talking about the mobile version of the Firefox. Mozilla Firefox has always been one of the most popular web browsers that internet goers have loved to use.

Now, Mozilla has been planning to squeeze the same browser functionality into the mobile platform that Firefox 3.6 is using. Mozilla corporation has already been working on Firefox Fennec, the mobile version of Firefox web browser, for almost a year and now it’s ‘days away’ from launch.

Firefox Fennec is designed to give you the same comforting functionalities of the PC version but on a scaled platform. It’ll allow tabbed browsing, store history and even entertain most of the Firefox add ons, if not all.

Interestingly, Firefox Fennec will allow web browser sync with your desktop version, which means that “At the end of the working day you can walk away from your computer and keep on going on your phone” using a browser plug in called Weave.

Featured : Firefox Fennec on HTC Touch Pro

Reportedly, Nokia N900, which runs Linux-based Maemo OS, will be the first device to officially embrace Firefox Fennec while versions for Android phones, Nokia platforms and some other leading mobile phones (excluding iPhone), will be able to use Firefox Fennec on their phones by the first half of 2010.

Alleged list of upcoming Firefox Fennec features include support for multitouch displays, haptic feedback, camera control integration into the web browser, faster execution of Javascripts, 3D graphics acceleration using WebGL and much more.

Firefox Fennec will compete against Opera and Windows mobile browsers and is due for launch by the end of this year. It is presently available for Nokia N810 tablet phone.

Select the option to download Firefox for mobile for your desktop.

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  1. By: pipomolo on December 25, 2009 at 6:51 pm

    Don't know what that phone on the featured pic really is...see a HTC logo...surely no N900

  2. By: Shahbaaz on December 26, 2009 at 12:32 am

    Hey, I've updated the post with the correction. Seems like we accidentally used a misnomer...It's a HTC Touch Pro....Thanks for the hint.

    Keep visiting :)