Fring Video Call Application : How To Make Video Calls on iPhone and Nokia (Video)

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Fring_logoFring_logoWe’ve been waiting for the video call feature ever since a better camera arrived on the iPhone. And now, here is an application that enables your Apple iPhone to make video calls. Yes, that’s true.

You may be now wondering how because iPhone does not have a front facing camera to be used for video calls.

That’s simple or call it absurd. The application makes use of the iPhone’s main camera (the only camera available on the iPhone) for making video calls.

When you install the fring video call application on iPhone, you can make free video calls over the web using Fring and Skype. But, the iPhone is grounded to make only one way video call.

ichat_av_iconThat means, you will either have to see the caller on the screen or flip the phone and then the caller can see you and let the camera capture the stuff in your vicinity and not your face.

Fring video call app uses Skype and Fring services for the purpose and enables you to make free video calls to anywhere in the world. All you need is an iPhone or a compatible Nokia phone, the fring video call application and internet connectivity. The Wi-Fi comes in really handy at situations like these.

The application is also designed to work on Nokia N series models (including a few like Nokia N97, Nokia N97 mini, Nokia 5800, Nokia N95, Nokia N95 8G, Nokia N82 and the very recently announced Nokia X6).

Nokia users however can use the fring iphone video call application normally and make luxurious face to face video calls over Skype. This is possible because all the Nokia phones that are supported by the application have a front facing camera for video calls. Advantage.

We’ll post the application review very soon. Meanwhile you may wish to click here to download video call application for iPhone or Nokia, which ever you are blessed with.

Click here to download this application.

Watch the following video to see the fring video call app in action!

Fring on iPhone:

Fring on Nokia:

Critical Appreciation:

The Fring Video Call application for iPhone definitely scores but what hinders our profound words of praise is the absence of a video call camera on the iPhone.

No body knows if Apple will rejuvenate the iPhone with a front facing camera to enable video calls . We say this because Apple has always been unpredictable at innovating technology. So, let’s just hopeful!

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  1. By: mohamed shabeeb on April 2, 2011 at 9:52 am

    hello frd. i am using nokia x6... i too using fring.. but not having skype add ons.. can u tel me how to use skype video calls on my nokia in my mobile.. pls. reply me