Verizon Droid – That’s a Good Looking Phone, I Like It! In Stores on 6th of Nov!

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Verizon just launched its new Motorola “Droid” after managing to create some buzz with its bold video release “iDontDroidDoes (Check out how the Apple fan boys reacted to iDon’t).

I did get a lot of time to play around with Verizon Droid and check out the applications and other things on the phone.

Verizon guys were more than happy to spend a lot of time explaining the features and all the other Droid related stuff.

I personally liked the phone. It’s sturdy, feels good in hand, has a neat design, does not look too fancy and best of all you won’t be scared to put it down on the table to save it from scratches, etc..

Droid offers big screen and great clarity. It offers exchange support for the business class and other social and entertainment features like Facebook, 5mpx camera, etc.. for the non-so-business class. Motorola and Verizon are targeting anyone and everyone who likes to be connected at all times.

Motorola Droid will be priced at $199 with 2 year contract with Verizon and will be available in stores starting Nov 6th.

With DroidDoes, Verizon made it impossible for anyone not to compare this phone with the legendary iPhone, so we did. This is by no means is an in-depth comparison with iPhone as we are yet to get a review unit from Verizon.

Watch the video below to see the phone in action:

So, would I give up my iPhone for Motorola Droid? Yes*, I would but not for what’s in the phone but for the phone itself. Now it’s absolutely impossible to move on to another OS after using iPhone OS for quite a while and with all due respect to Android it’s nowhere close to iPhone yet.

But if Motorola decides to build features and functionality and completely customize Android platform for Droid then I am more likely to ditch the iPhone and go for it, but not before that.

I talk about customization because I tried playing a video that was saved on the phone and it played very well but when I played any video from Youtube the clarity was completely lost. Reason? I think the Youtube application as not customized for Droid’s resolution. This is where detailed customization and phone specific applications help.

That said I think somebody who’s not use the iPhone OS yet will love the phone and people who know what iPhone is all about will like how Motorola Droid is built.

I also had the chance to use the two accessories for Motorola Droid 1) Car stand for GPS and 2) Desk Doc for the Phone. I really liked both of them, especially the car stand which converts the phone into a fully functional GPS (voice commands form Google maps) device once it is plugged into the doc. Thanks to Google for releasing the voice direction feature on its Maps service.

Overall EVERYONE will find something to like about Motorola Droid but its success largely depends on how involved Motorola is with the after math (i.e Android customization, Customized Applications, Accessories, etc..) of launching a phone.

One thing EVERY Phone company should understand (which they don’t seem to) before challenging iPhone is that it’s not just the phone they are up against it’s the whole echo system which involves thousands of developers submitting apps to App Store, gazillion companies endlessly manufacturing accessories for the iPhone, etc..

So unless you are ready to challenge all aspects of making a phone successful I think all the phone companies should keep away from launching an “iPhone Killer”.

Here are a few pictures of Verizon Droid

Droid Motorola

Verizon Droid

Droid Keypad

Verizon Droid Doc

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2 Comments on This Article

  1. By: Nikhil Dev on October 29, 2009 at 9:48 am

    Pretty impressive man. Is it all metal? Cos I would love a metal enclosure on a phone.

    Also, can we get one of these without the contract?

  2. By: Abbas on October 29, 2009 at 10:12 am

    It is!! This isn't much metal on it but let me tell you, you don't have to worry about it as much as you have to for iPhone.

    About the contract thingi.. Just like other phone.. iPhone or Palm Pre even Droid should be available without a contract but usually phones without a contract are pretty expensive. $500+

    Will write more about it once I get the review unit from Verizon Wireless!