Top 5 Concept Phones That May Hit Reality – Flavor Three

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Flavor Three. Yes, the third episode of ‘Top 5 concept phones that may hit reality’ is just here. As we present you the scintillating designs of breath-taking concept phones and myriad intellectual efforts behind these concepts, you will feel every reason exists to say Cheers!—–to the latest episode….and geeky conceptual stuff!

Here are the month’s top 5 concept phones.

1. Sony Ericsson Walkman Concept Phone

Well, this Sony Ericsson Walkman Phone is too appealing to be called a concept phone. Take a look at the sheer beauty radiating from the black brassy looking body. Seemingly a touch screen walkman phone with enough giga bytes of storage, some 8MP camera, Bluetooth support, accelerometer feature, and very importantly a Sony Concept Phone engulfing the soul of a Walkman Phone.


Featured : SonyEricsson Concept Phone

And yes, its stylish design is to the credit of Sealover, the intellect behind the beautiful design of the concept phone. We wish that it hits reality soon and if it does, it’s sure to set the strings striking.  Keep our word for granted, if you wish.

2. Nokia B-Flow Concept Phone – The Curvy Concept Phone Wonder

Do you think we would miss out Nokia from our list of top 5 concept phones? No way. Because, the new has simply amazed us with is beautiful curvy design. Diego Peralta, the whizzo behind the design of Nokia B-Flow has let out a design that is in a way resembling the HTC Hero to some extent, atleast for the chin curve.

The cynosure? It should be featuring a touchscreen display that has got an enticing appeal. Thanks to the relaxed design tone put forth by Deigo. We expect it to be have some 8GB of internal storage, a micro SD card slot, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, a powerful camera under the hood and a decent web browser to start with.

Featured : Nokia B-Flow Concept Phone

The designer claims that the case was made using a three layered co injection of polycarbonate, where the base layer I storage, followed by a translucent pearl white layer and ultimately a transparent coating on top.

This Samsung Concept Phone can be fully customized by the user and the camera on board hides under the polymer screen only to make it transparent. Well, that’s just a little superfluous specifications listing, so we’ll have to wait longer to see if it actually hits reality, somehow.

3. Samsung Windows Mobile Watch Phone

Samsung and Wilson Song have one thing in common, their passion for designing cool handsets. Well, this one is a concept though, but mind you, it has got enough guts to transform itself into a portable media player, become a Stylish Watch Mobile when you need and even turn into a gaming console when you are going nuts of boredom.

Featured : Samsung Concept Watch Phone

It is reportedly designed to support motion sensing gamig with a ‘bend interface’ and can be operated using a stylus. The Samsung Watch Phone Concept also supports a pair of earphone, has a flexible wide display the should be playing games based on motion sensing technology.

4. HTC Android Phone Rumored To Be HTC Dragon, Possible?

Now, this is the first time we are reporting about a HTC Phone to be running  Android OS and yet be a concept after all. It will feature a 3+ inch large touch screen, perhaps, and a camera with surfeit megapixel power.

Featured : HTC Dragon ?

The HTC Android Phone should be a GSM phone and is rumored to be the much awaited HTC Dragon. Or, is it the HTC Touch HD2 loaded with Android OS? Only time will tell and we can just keep hopes high to see if it actually hits reality.

5. Fujitsu Concept Phone Feels Like A Soap Bar, Gets Transparent

If you thought Fujitsu only excelled in making digital cameras, correct yourself. The new Fujitsu Concept phone design is here to justify the fact. The new Fujitsu Concept Phone is shaped  like a bar of soap and  is blessed with extreme gloss on its surface.

Featured : Fujitsu Concept Phone

On the front face, a black button like structure silently sleeps in peace. We are not sure of what it does, yet.Fujitsu is yet to release the specs for its concept phone and we’ll wait to see if they are sensible enough to actually drive this piece of art to reality.

Well that’s all for now. But, we’ll hit back soon with another flavor…same day, next month. Stay Tuned!

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  1. By: John on October 24, 2009 at 3:33 pm

    I don't know...I mean all these phones look cool...for like first few glances, but when you actually buy them and use them, they will feel a bit inefficient...seriously, the "Soap Phone" you can't play video, music, or game.... so...not really appealing..