Google Wave Notification Plugin for Firefox – Alerts in Browser for New Wavelets!

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Google WaveGoogle Wave continues to create waves across the tech community. Though many who registered for invites are still awaiting their turn to experience the nirvana others are enjoying the pleasure of being invited early.

As expected we are starting to see the developer community kick into action and release tools of their own to add to the Google Wave experience.

Firefox is the first to get a Wave plugin today. It called Google Wave Notification Plugin for Firefox and I am sure the name says it all.

Once installed, the plugin sits on the right side of the statusbar which checks and alerts as and when new waveslets appear in your Wave account.

Here is how it works..

  1. Once installed, right click on the plugin and click “Settings”
  2. Add your wave account details and set the frequency of updates as shown in the image below
  3. Google Wave Options

  4. Once that is done it will quietly site with other plugins and do it job of updating whenever you receive new wavelets
    Google Wave Notifications

Few words of caution:

  • The plugin is only compatible with FF version 3.5.x. So the beta versions 3.6.x or 3.7 are bound to show errors.
  • The plugin is not programmed to check for updates automatically. Check for updates manually until that happens in the coming versions

If you like what you see and already have a Google Wave setup, click here or here to download the Firefox Plugin or here to visit developers site.

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