Download Yahoo Messenger 10 (Beta) Now, Comes Surprisingly Loaded With Features!

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Yahoo_logo01The most popular IM tool just got a lot better. The all-new Yahoo Messenger 10 Beta (v10.0.0.525-US) is here with a lot of interesting updates and refinements in both the User Interface and feature support.  Let us take a brief look at what’s new in Yahoo Messenger 10.

Now you can do more than just IM with the your yahoo messenger. Apart from connecting with your friend(s) over IM, you can invite a friend from other services to come chat with you, send text messages, watch web videos or view photos with friends using its in-built media player.

Yahoo has improved its video calling experience by redesigning the webcam feature to making high quality video calls right from the IM window. To begin, just click the “video call” button in the IM window and get started.

The video windows can be swapped, positioned side by side, hide your own video space and can even render a full screen video call mode. While using a video call, you can use other features of Yahoo messenger like File Transfer, Photo Sharing or games as well.

Pictured : Yahoo Messenger 10

Note that the friend you video call has to also be on Yahoo! Messenger 10. And these video enhancements are just for 1:1 video calls; broadcasting your webcam to multiple viewers (with no audio) has not changed.

Other refinements include a fresh new view of contacts list with Y!Updates where you can see all the real time updates of your friends, including status updates from Twitter, Yahoo Buzz, and the yahoo messenger itself (if they prefer to share).

It also features an all-new Yahoo! Insider which brings mail to your IM Windows, news and weather updates including Yahoo! Search straight forward from the IM windows. The only hurdle is clicking the new Y! Insider button onto the main client window.

It allows you to easily select the preferred chat language right from the messenger window. Choose from 16 different languages to customize your chatting language even before you sign in. Or, to do this, go to Messenger > Preferences > Language (you’ll have to restart Yahoo! Messenger for it to take effect).

The IM Window and the toolbar sports new icons among other bunch of refinements. Following list is a brief overview of What’s new in Yahoo Messenger 10.

  • New “Y! Updates” view of contact list.
  • Find more to chat about.
  • All-new Yahoo! Insider.
  • Change your language easily.
  • New ways to sort your contacts.
  • New icons in the IM window

Click here for more details on Yahoo Messenger 10.

Click here for download Yahoo messenger (online installer).

Click here to download Yahoo Messenger 10 (Offline Installer).

Watch the following video to see that all-new Yahoo Messenger 10 in action!

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