Google Personalized Suggestions Launched for iPhone, Android and WebOS

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Google Personalized launched personalized suggest for , and Palm WebOS. This nifty little feature will Sync with the searches made on a PC and show the same as suggestions when a user searches using a mobile phone.

This certainly improves the performance and helps users accelerate through the searches on their mobile phones.  Also, the advantage of having your searches sync is that you can sometimes start where you left off on the PC or simply run through the search history.

The suggestions shown on the phone interface are personalized based on your search history. See the image below to know what I mean…

iPhone Search

Users should be logged into their Google accounts to be able to take advantage of this feature and understandably logins should be the same on the phone and PC to see the correct information in terms of Search History and Personalized Suggestions!

Such small, yet intelligent features keep Google ahead of its competition and thats what I love about Google!

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