Android 1.6 (Donut) is Now Official. Download Android 1.6 SDK Now!

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logo_androidThe 1.6 is now official. A successor release to Android 1.5 (also known as the Cupcake), the 1.6 update has been released and it certainly promises to bring more functionality and explorable dimensions than ever to Android based mobile devices.

Android 1.6 not only allows users to overstep the confined boundaries of fixed display resolutions but also includes support for QVGA and WVGA display types. Developers can also specify the type of screen they intend to use.

Besides the screen size and resolution factor, there are a lot of other improvements too. Take the inclusion of CDMA support for instance, which is not less than a premonition to us that more number of mobile phones will be running the Google Android OS in the future.


A customizable search box called QuickSearch (similar to the Spotlight feature in iPhone), allows you to search content from your entire phone from one location, you may also search the web and the search bar begins to intuitively derive responses from the web as you begin to type.

The Android 1.6 also supports voice over actions like calling a person from the search names you have listed – a feature that’s recently been introduced in the iPhone 3GS. Not only this, the text to speech API allows reading out the text you have typed in different desired and appropriate accents.

The Android 1.6 OS also adds to the functionality of the camera which means the camera launches upto 39% faster than the previous versions while the integrated camera functinality easily allows you to switch between still and video recording modes. A multipe file markup tool lets you delete those not-so-dear photos from your phone’s gallery.

– The new feature allows you to check for applications, games and other download content available for you phone with an easy to use interface. Quickly pick up your favorite and get downloading.

android-robot-logoIn case you forgot, here is a bit of some good info. Android is an open source mobile operating system platform developed by Google and later imbibed by the Open Handset Alliance.

Right from its inception in November 2007, the Google Android is perenially inspiring mobile giants and luring them to incarcerate Android platforms in their upcoming devices and we believe, it’ll continue to inspire, seamlessly.

Click here if you are interested in reading more about the Android 1.6 update.

Click here to download Android 1.6 SDK now.

Ink the date on your scheduler because the Android 1.6 OS will groove into the devices as early as October. Meanwhile, this brief little video (featured below) will take through a brief intro of the Android 1.6 features.

Lights. Camera. Android!

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  1. By: Jane on December 31, 2010 at 8:35 pm

    Hi there, Is this compatible with Apad? Running 1.6