Use iTwin USB To Share Data Between PCs Wirelessly, Share Data Overseas!

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Screen-shot-2009-09-12-at-11.11.54-AMWireless communication technology is expanding by the day and the latest addition into the means is iTwin, a wireless LAN -type USB device which exceeds the connectivity ranges of LAN and MAN.

iTwin is a two part USB device that lets you sync with two computers wirelessly, easily. Basically, this gadget looks like a USB drive with two ports, each detachable from the other and connects to your laptop or PC through a USB port.

Suppose, if you need to access data stored on a system A in Chicago from a system B in London, all you will need is the iTwin device to get going. Of course, there are other ancestral methods we know, like using Windows Remote Desktop feature, using FTP services over web or any other wired/physical means of communication.


Or, you can switch to the the latest wireless communication technology, iTwin. It works just like your LAN connection or the remote desktop feature on Windows. The difference? It is wireless and can be communicate with PCs at greater distances and yet works as simple as a USB flash drive .

To get started, just plug in one part of the pair into system A and the other into the system B, drag and drop the files you want to a folder in the twin,  take the other twin and use it on any other computer, that’s it. Presumably, to transfer or share data it requires internet connection or some sort of wireless connectivity, that we are yet to realize.

Something that really deserves praise about it that is a plug and play device and therefore does not require any additional software/ application to be installed for bidirectional file sharing. Just plug in and get connected.

This will decline the use of flash drive to transfer data and could possibly fade out the use of Remote Desktop and other means of wireless file sharing from your computer. The data is transmitted in encrypted format once the private key(a secure number generated by the iTwin for confidential data transfer) on the disk has been enabled.

For some unfortunate reason, if you happen to lose one of the twins, just plug out the other to keep your data safe. You can also text the iTwin personnel to remotely lock your other drive if you have lost your part or better use a password to keep data on your iTwin secure.

Uploading a terabyte to the cloud is still too time consuming and expensive. This is a two-person device to give people a very easy and tangible way to save something.

The company will be sell the iTwin data transfer wonder in 6 months from now  after its launch at Singapore, followed by U.S. and Europe.

Price tagged for $99, the iTwin is the seemingly the most advanced type of syncing and sharing data between PCs wirelessly and reliably in a “cable-less cable” manner.

Over and out for now. We’ll hit back with an update as soon as more technical specs surface. Stay tuned.

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2 Comments on This Article

  1. By: Matt Crayton on April 10, 2011 at 3:03 pm

    To me this sounds like the most cleverly marketed waste of time I've ever heard of. It seems to be completely redundant technology to me, limiting you still further than using as you term it 'ancestral methods' such as FTP.

    Surely the disadvangtages of this gimmick far out-weigh the advantages.

    Setting up an FTP is a breeze, hardly a difficult task for anyone or any business with a tech department. You don't have to worry about carrying something with you that you can lose or misplace, whilst at the same time allowing you to connect to the data on your PC from anywhere... but from multiple locations if need be.

    From what I have seen of other peoples thoughts on this technology, most of them praising this as some new wonder product don't even get how it works until explained to them. Then they readily agree with me.

  2. By: pravesh on December 5, 2011 at 11:55 pm

    Thanks for such a great sharing , i got a new about iTwin , from the " html,