DELL Wasabi PZ310 – Print Anything, Anywhere with DELL’s Mobile Printer!

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WasabiTechnology, smaller the better! That’s what most of the companies are aiming at. Look at the phones, laptops, cameras, etc… everything that can fit into a pocket is being fit into it and things that don’t fit in, well, they just have to!

I recently bought Dell’s Wasabi, it’s a mobile printer which can be carried around in a pocket and print pictures wherever you like whenever you like.

Wasabi is Bluetooth enabled which means you can simply send pictures to print over Bluetooth and it prints, can’t get any simpler can it?

If you thought that was all, there is more WOW to come. Wasabi does not need any ink to print the pictures. The printer uses a special ZINK photo paper which does not require ink to be printed on. Zink photo paper for Wasabi PZ310 is only available with DELL.

I bought this product about a week ago and being a gadget freak I certainly like it. Printed a few pictures and I don’t think they are too bad for a mobile printer which does not need any ink to print and lets you print directly through a bluetooth enabled mobile phone or any bluetooth enabled cameras or gadgets..

It also supports pictbridge connectivity for quick printing using a cable from mobile phones or cameras.

iPhone users should know that Wasabi is not compatible with iPhone, I am not too happy about it.

Wasabi PZ310 is priced at $149 and comes with 12 printing sheets. You can order more at $11.99 for 24 sheets and $19.99 for 48. If you like what you saw.. click here to buy.

Here are a few pictures showing the product more closely ..

Unpack Wasabi

iPhone on Wasabi

Wasabi and iPhone

Wasabi Front

Wasabi Back

Wasabi Paper

Print Wasabi

Check this video out to see Wasabi in action..

Download as PDF

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