Create a Free Software Pack to Save Time, Keep Your Software and Drivers Up to Date!

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packzoola-iconWorking your way through the list of  “Must Have” softwares every time you re-install or format your computer can be a little tiresome.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have something like Google Pack which is packed with a collection of softwares that you feel are essential for your machine. So next time you re-install you machine all you have to do is download one pack from packzoola and all the softwares are automatically installed and also regularly updated.

Well, there is a service that does just that, its called Packzoola!

RadarSync’s Packzoola is a service which lets you choose your favorite softwares from the list of 100’s and create your own software pack.

All you got to do is register at and go to PackZoola. Here you can either download any one of the existing packs created by PackZoola members or simply create your own by going to “My Packs”

You can create a software pack for Desktop software, Business software, Media software, Mobile software or a pack of Free Sofwares, etc..

Follow the steps below to create and distribute your own software pack!

Click on New Pack

Now click on the arrow next to “Untitled Pack” to edit pack information and to add applications to the pack.

Now click on pencil-like edit icon

Add information to pack.. Name of the pack, Description, Topic, etc.. and “save” it.

Click on “Packzoola It!” to add applications to your pack

Here is what the search and add application page looks like..

Search for an application or simply select a category to see the list of applications.

Click on the “Pack It” icon to add the application

Next, select a pack to add an application and click on “Pack it!”

Pack It

Repeat the steps to add as many applications as you want to. Once you are done you can share the URL with your family and friends or just put it up on the blog for your readers to download the pack.

Here is the one I’ve created.

To use this service you should have Radar Sync utility installed on your PC, it’s a free and useful utility which also helps keep your system updated with latest versions of installed softwares and system drivers.

Click here to download Radar Sync.

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  1. By: Kumar on July 10, 2009 at 12:45 am

    nice software to usee, thank you fro the post....

  2. By: Huy Tran on September 1, 2010 at 1:21 am

    great, im looking this software!
    thanks for share