Firefox 3.5 RC3 Released – Try The Fastest Firefox Ever.

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The people at Mozilla have begun to understand your web browsing needs much better – and Firefox 3.5 – the fastest Firefox yet, is an ample proof to it. Yes, Firefox 3.5 Release Candidate 3 (Firefox 3.5 RC3) is already on air and making waves with its improved and faster browsing experience.

The Firefox 3.5 not only renders the web pages faster but also provides a lot of customization and user-friendly options to ease and personalise your web browsing experience.

Here is note on Firefox 3.5 Review:

Private Browsing Mode – If you value privacy over the web, let me introduce you to an interesting new feature of the Firefox 3.5 called ‘Private Browsing Mode’. Once you enable this mode, Firefox 3.5 will not save any cookies, web sites, or even any data that you have been through in your current session.

Forget this site – This feature lets you remove all the traces of a specific site from your browsing history. This could be very useful when you don’t want anyone to learn about the website you have visited, probably when you are buying a gift for someone.

Clear Recent History – Now you can choose between hours and days when you are forced to clear your recent browsing history for some despised reason. Let me elaborate this. The new Firefox 3.5 will feature a unique feature called ‘Clear Recent History’. The most unique part of this feature is that you can delete the recent history of up to last four hours without having to wipe off the entire history log.

Firefox 3.5 - Faster Than Ever..!!

Recently Closed Windows – Ever regretted closing an important window accidentally without even holding back the name of the site? Firefox 3.5 provides a solution to this problem. Firefox lets you quickly get back the recently closed windows just with a simple click and resume all important work that you abruptly left off.

Open video – With Firefox 3.5 you can directly open, play and download a video directly from the browser window without having to use an external application or any media player for the purpose.

Location Aware Browsing – Ask Firefox your location, it will identify your location and guide you through generated maps.

Other remarkable features include downloadable fonts, customizable browser interface through Personas, innumerous availability of add ons, and improvements like Web Worker Threads, SVG, JSON etc. The Firefox 3.5 comes with a storming support for 70 languages and much more innovative features.

Watch a quick video demo of Firefox 3.5.

Click here to get your copy of Firefox 3.5 RC3 now and refurnish your web browsing experience.

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