Yahoo’s Account Recovery Just got Simpler. Update your Recovery Data!

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Yahoo Account Recovery recently made changes to its lengthy and hectic account recovery process. The changes will kick in starting next week. Though it’s not very clear how the changes will help users recover their account quickly and easily its quite evident that users will benefit from it.

Sabari Devadoss, Platforms Product Manager @ Yahoo, says “Since the information we collected in the past – such as zip codes or birthdays – has increasingly become part of our public persona online, users will be given the option to provide additional information such as an alternate email address and new secret questions of their choice. U.S. users will also have the option to provide a mobile phone number.”

I am expecting the process will involve some kind of code to be sent to users mobile which can be immediately validated with the service to recover the account; this can be done for the users residing in US at least.

As the new process kicks in starting next week do expect to see alerts asking you to update your profile information, specifically your recovery data.

Click here to be update your Yahoo profile now!

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  1. By: tawfique kazi on June 20, 2013 at 9:47 pm

    Dear Sir,
    My Yahoo Account is locked,cauz can't answer security question,is there any other way to
    prove my identy,plz help me out