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Kaspersky for Windows 7Kaspersky is known for its effectiveness in keeping your computer virus free. It has time and again proved that their product development is on top of not only the developments in the field of anti-virus technology but also in the other related industries.

For example Kaspersky Anti-Virus was the only anti-virus to be certified by Microsoft for Windows Server 2008 and It was also the only Anti-Virus which was released with the Windows Vista official launch.

Keeping up with the tradition of protecting the latest releases of OS from Microsoft, Kaspersky Lab’s recently released a technical prototype of Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows 7.

Company claims that the existing prototype offers a lot of technological advancements. It has a new antivirus engine which claims to be much faster and effective at catching virus and worms.

This prototype is capable of catching yet unknown malicious programs. This means if the Anti-virus finds any new software/script suspicious it will launch it in a virtual environment and analyze it using “heuristic analyzer”. If actions of the software/script are found to be malicious during the analysis it will be tagged as virus or a worm, preventing it from being launched in a live environment.

The prototype also offers a new interface which tries to “meet the needs of both inexperienced and advanced users.”

Without further ado here is the link to download the Kaspersky Technical Preview for Microsoft Windows 7.

Kaspersky for Windows 7 Release Notes [link]

Download Kaspersky for Windows 7 [link] [Size: 41.6MB]

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