Tamper Data: A Firefox Extension Being Used For ALL the Wrong Reasons!

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Tamper Data is one of the smartest plugin I have seen in a long time. There are other (like Live HTTP Headers) which let you keep a track of HTTP headers and browser-requests but what makes this plugin better is that it not only tracks the information but it also lets you edit POST parameters (even when it is not required).

Users have found this plugin useful in more than one ways and have put it to use for both, good and bad purposes.  With this plugin you can keep a track of each HTTP request that is generated by the browser. By keeping a track of HTTP requests you can see what information is being sent from your computer.

This plugin can also be used by web developers to perform security checks on their web applications.

Internet users have put this plugin to a lot of uses including tampering information at e-commerce sites to buy cheap stuff, manipulate scores for online games to rank higher, hack passwords for sites like MySpace, etc..

It’s fairly easy to use and does not require you to be an uber techie to take advantage of Tamper Data.

The following video shows you how this plugin can be used.

Youtube is your best resource to see how Tamper Data extension is being put to use for ALL the other reasons like cheating shopping carts, cracking passwords, etc… Click here to download Tamper Data.

Our Next Post will show you How to Crack Passwords Stored in Firefox even when they are protected using Tamper Data. (Update: We will not be publishing the post about cracking passwords saved in Firefox based on our readers request who do not want us to add to the wrong reasons for using this plugin)

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