AutoPager: Loads the “Next” Page in Advance, Time Saver!! [Firefox Plugin]

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Imaging reading a long thread on a forum or running through the search results pages without clicking on next to read further, cool isn’t it?

That’s exactly what a Firefox Plugin called Autopager does. It loads the “Next” page automatically as you scroll down the page. It not only loads the next page but adds the content of the “Next” page to the same window so that you don’t have to navigate from one page to another.

This plugin aligns pages just like an e-mail thread, now that should put things into perspective. It supports all the major Portals, Search Engines, Forums, etc.. Sites and forums like.. PhpBB, Google, Digg, Lifehacker..

Once the plugin is installed and activated (click here to download), it shows up an alert (as shown below) every time a user visits a compatible site.

AutoPager Alert

On a compatible site, when you start scrolling down the page you will see a "loading" label at the bottom of the window as shown in the image below

AutoPager Loading

Once it loads pages the plugin adds a "Page Break" between each of the pages..

AutoPager Page Break

Following image shows how AutoPager works on Google search results..(click on the image to see a bigger image)

AutoPager Page

I used this plugin for a bit and found it useful. I am very particular about the plugins I install on Firefox becuase it slows the browser down, but this one stays.

Click here to download.

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