All New Gmail for Mobile Version 2.0 – Much Faster,Reliable and with lots of New Features

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Gmail for Mobile 2.0Gmail team just launched the "Next Version" of Gmail for . From what the announcement says, this applications is developed from the ground-up with a different approach in place. What if you don’t have good connectivity, does the app work in subways or elevators the way it works in the open?

These are few of the fundamental questions the team has kept in mind and developed this version of Gmail for mobile which works better under these circumstances. The application supports J2ME and BlackBerry phones.

I just downloaded and used the latest version and I loved it. One of the best and more visible among other features is the ability of switching between different Gmail or Google App hosted accounts. It is absolutely effortless, just set the login information of different accounts under the "Accounts" tab.

The new version goes on to add features like an option of adding an automated footer "Sent from my mobile device" to the messages sent from mobile, see total data usage (KB) per session, receive notifications for every mail received in inbox. The compose screen has a new function called "Finish Later" which will saved unfinished e-mails in your "Mobile Drafts" folder.

Now that you no longer have to see the "Sending" screen after every time you send an e-mail as it does it in the background you will also see a new lable called "Outbox" under your "Go to" options.

Other features like composing off-line, etc.. work only with selected models of Nokia, Sony and Balckberry.

The app not only comes loaded with new features but with this release it also supports 35 different languages. The language is automatically selected by the application based on the language mobile phone is set to use. This only goes to show that the Gmail team is not leaving with any excues of not using Gmail for mobile.

Visit to download this application from your phones.

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