Best Android Applications: Top 15 android applications which could make it big!

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The competition is heating up and the Google’s Android phone is all set to make the sweep a good share of phone market. What makes Apple’s iPhone such a wonderful platform is it’s infrastructure which has been made available for developers to create applications. However, what could potentially hinder the success of iPhone in the long run is that all the applications have to go through the checks of Apple store.

Not that this strategy has only cons, but being traditional and tightly controlling the applications that run on iPhone could make developers demotivated to develop such applications. However, this would also mean that the quality of applications on iPhone remains standardized. , if I am not wrong will take a different strategy. Instead of controlling application through a store, Google will let the users decide if they want the application or not just like the google desktop gadgets

Let us look at some of the Android applications which have the potential of making it big. So what it takes for an application to make it big. We are going to try to decide this based on usability.


Category: Security Utility

Developed By: Jose Luis Huertas Fernandez

License: Free

This is a like a password to your Android phone. All you have to do is to take a picture of your eye ball (iris) and set it up as a password to your android and . It’ll only allow an authentication when it matches the iris of your eye scanned using your android camera.


Developed By: Amos Yoffe

Categories: GPS and Maps

License: Free

And I used to think that the only way to get to places and know about them was using maps and GPS. However, BreadCrumbz takes it to a whole new level. Instead of using a map you can use pictures to know about places. It’s more or less like a guide which tells you a great lot of things about a particular place you are visiting. You can also create routes and send them to your friends.

This might not be as great for car drivers as it would be for pedestrians and cyclist. It can also give you voice instructions to help you navigate when you are driving. Because this takes advantage of community development and sharing it has a great potential to grow.


Developed By: Konrad Hubner , Henning Boger

Categories: Travel and Cabs

License: Free

If you are caught up in an alien city and have no clue about how to get a cab or how to call for a cab, this application will come to your rescue. It’s aware of the location and doesn’t need you tell the cab service about your location. Calling cabs can’t get easier than this.

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