Adsense for Games Launched: Add, Ads to the Flash games online.

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In a market where Yahoo (with Double Fusion and NeoEdge Networks) and Microsoft (with Massive Inc.) have already entered and have a considerable lead, launched Adsense for Games to capitalise on this huge untapped market and also to show who is the Big Daddy in the world of online advertising.

Google launched Adsense for Games, a market which is growing rapidly is bound to attract attention. According to ComScore 25% of the internet users play online games. Calculations of time spent on these sites could run into millions of hours a month which is exactly what all the companies are eager to capitalise on.

This is still a new market for a lot of major players like Yahoo and Microsoft and the market is clearly open for the one who figures out the best way to serve ads and pay better, the later part is arguable but Google certainly knows how to serve ads.

Using Adsense for Games, advertisers can place Video, Image and Text ads in the games.

You’ll be able to show these ads in placements you define, such as interstitial frames before a game, after a level change, or when a game is over. – Google

To use Adsense for Games to place ads on your Gaming site you should have 500,000 thousand game plays per day with 80% of the traffic from US or UK and must be capable of SDK integration. If you are one of the lucky ones click here to apply for Adsense for Games.

Brands that are currently associated with this program are Playfish, Konami, Mochi, HeavyGames, Demand Media Inc.,, etc..

Watch the promotional video by Google Adsense for Games

Video below give you a better sense of how ads will be placed in games.

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