How to Post Long Messages on Twitter? Twitzer has the Answer!

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Did you ever log on to Twitter to post “the” most important update ever only to know that does not think all of it is important but only first 140 characters?  I usually have a tussle with as to what’s important to me and what’s not. Guess what you and I are not alone who are having to trim our messages.

Well here is a service, Firefox plugin which will solve the issue and let you post long messages on twitter. ShortText offers a plugin called Twitzer which does the trick.

Here is how it works..

Log on to Twitter to post an update after installing the Twitzer plugin (Click here to download the plugin)

  • If the message is longer than 140 characters, don’t worry, continue typing. Once you are done typing just right click and select “Twitzer text”
  • The plugin will shorten the text and insert a link in the Twitter message with a summary of your message. Post it!

Now people who have this plugin installed will be able to right click and “De-Twitzer text” and read the entire text without leaving twitter.  Users who do not have this plugin installed will have to visit the link mentioned in the post to read the entire message.

Isn’t that cool? But wasn’t Twitter made for short messages? Anyways, do add TNerd to your Twitter!

Pictures below will quickly run you through the process of “Twitzer Text” and “D-Twitzer Text”

Crossed the limit of 140 Characters:

Right click and select "Twitzer Text"


Once Text is shortened and link is added, update your tweet "Twitzered! Click here to post Tweet"

If you see a link in any of the Tweets, just right click and select "De-Twitzer Text" to read full Tweet

Here is what the full Tweet looks like after De-Twizer’ing the Tweet!

Hope this helps, do add us to your twitter list and here to download the Twitzer Plugin.

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  1. By: Dombev on September 27, 2008 at 4:25 am

    @tnerd I hope Twitterfox add-on gets updated to use Twitterzer