Google’s App Engine Cookbook Launched!

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Google CookBook

launched its App Engines CookBook today. The application is developed by Amaltas Bohra, a Google engineer based out of Google Hyderabad, India office [link].

Purpose of this application is to facilitate a platform to encourage the developer community to come up with great ideas, code and share it with others using this platform.

As the site states

Have you figured out how to program a small task for your app and want to tell the world? Share your elite coding skills with the world by posting your recipe to our Google App Engine Cookbook.

So if you have a code or an app whic you’d like to share with millions, App Engine Cookbook is the right place to do so.

We would also like to see similar initiatives on product level, for example a Google Map’s cookbook or maybe an Open Social Cookbook.

Google App Engine CookBook
Download as PDF

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