Desktop v 1.0-Virtualize Windows Vista!

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There are a lot of third party softwares which can be used to virtualize the windows desktop. In other words, there is not dearth of Virtual Desktop Managers for Windows. Let’s see what do we mean when we say Virtual Desktop Manager.

Did you ever thought that your taskbar in Windows was too cluttered with too many applications and wished if there was a better way of managing it. Or did you ever wish that you could hide a window (NSFW stuff) with it being visible on your desktop on taskbar.

Both the above problems can be solved with one solution called as Virtual Desktop Manager. What this software does is that it gives you an option of having more than one desktop and hence you can run similar applications on one and other type of applications on other thus avoiding the clutter. It’s like having multiple desktops.

Microsoft’s Window’s Power Toys for XP has something called as Virtual Desktop Manager. However, this is not compatible in Windows Vista. Quite interesting isn’t it that Microsoft’s product is not supported on it’s two popular OSs.

So what’s the solution for Vista? There are plenty of third party software which bring the concept of multiple desktops on Vista. However, these third party Virtual Desktop Managers are beyond the scope of this blog post.

Microsoft Windows Sysinternal recently launched Desktop v 1.0 for Vista which brings the Virtual Desktop Manager functionality for Vista. It brings 4 multiple desktops which you can manage with a click of mouse or the shortcut keys. The shortcut keys are configurable. This is very basic software and does nothing else but provide you with multiple desktops.

The big disappointment though is that except for the main desktop the other 3 desktops don’t have vista’s aero functionality working. I think that’s pretty lame on Microsoft’s part. I hope they make this a little more better than what Desktop V1.0 is now.

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