Watch Live News Online using CNNIBN Google Desktop Gadget!

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IBN LIve Google Desktop GadgetI have been a great fan of IBNLive for the reason that its News Channel is available online Live.

But when I recently tried to access the live news from, I couldn’t find it online. Disappointed, I started searching for other sources and found CNNIBN Google Desktop Gadget.

This Gadget is a 100 times better than what IBNLive offered as it sinks in with the Google Desktop and does not require you to keep your browser open and on top of other windows.. and what not. This is another feather in the cap for the IBNLive’s technical team.

What surprised me was that this Gadget was launched almost a year ago and the download count didnt even cross 500. I certainly think there are many more tech people who’d like to keep tabs on whats happening around them.

Following Image shows how CNNIBN Gadget fits in to Google Desktop and what it looks like.

IBNLive Gadget

Click here to download Google Desktop and here to download CNNIBN Gadget to watch CNNIBN Live online.

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