ZYB Phonebook released! I LOVE it…You will too..

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ZYB Phonebook is one of the most advanced and feature-rich phonebooks available today. It goes beyond the functionalities of a ZYB Phonebooktraditional phonebook and introduces us to a phonebook with much needed features and advancements.

ZYB offers other great features like, backing up data from phone to web, data restoration in easy steps, sending SMS and so on.. we covered ZYB in our article about Online Services for Mobile Data backup a while ago. ZYB currently has close to 3 million active users using its services.

Here are a few features which will make you download and install this piece of software right away!

1) It lets you track your friends on a mapping software in real time, thus calling and saying "Hey Dude, wassup? Where are you at?" stands a thing of the past for ZYB Phonebook users.

If your friends allow you to, you’ll be able to see where they are right this minute. No more texting everyone from the restroom Friday night.

Using location technologies – and your own text input – the ZYB Phonebook quietly and securely transfers your location only to those you allow to see it.

2) Show shouts similar to status msg’s on GTalk, Facebook or Twitter on your ZYB Phonebook which is visible to your friends on the list. It not only shares the shouts with your friends on the ZYB Phonebook but also syncs with services like Twitter and Facebook! Impressed?

Show your ZYB shouts as your status line, let your friends see your Facebook status or Twitter tweets.

Millions of people including some of your friends already tell various services what they’re doing right now. We’ll use that information and combine it with ZYB shouts and your phone’s calendar to show your friends what you’re doing. If you allow them, of course.

3) Another impressive feature lets you set your status to Buys or otherwise, which turns an icon next to your name on ZYB phonebook to read if busy which basically tells people that this is probably not the best time to call you.

A red icon next to the names in the ZYB Phonebook indicates if you’ll be disturbing or welcome.

Other features include Auto-update of new phone numbers in your friends phonebook, posting pictures to online services, "See who is near" (this one lets you see if anyone on your phonebook is just aournd the corner).. If this is not impressive then I don’t know what is!!

The software is currently supported by Sony Ericsson phones only. Nokia (running S60) handsets will be compatible by the end of August.

Click here to register and download ZYB Phonebook

Update Aug-8th: Found this Video on YouTube.. Check it out!

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  1. By: Michael on August 8, 2008 at 1:50 am

    Hi Abbas,

    We're really happy that you like the ZYB Phonebook! Thanks for the write up.


  2. By: Ellie H on October 1, 2008 at 3:27 am

    You can try ClickOVA - they are similar to ZYB in the sense that they will backup your contacts but ClickOVA will also backup your photos and videos on your camera phone. They are compatible with pretty much any phone and have an automatic upload system that you program to upload any new numbers, photos or videos. I have mine set once a day and haven