Create Your Own Game – 7 Sites that let you create games online

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Online Games
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Create your own games online with few clicks. For those of you who always wondered how do people create those games where Bush is punching Kerry or Bush Dancing? here are 7 online resources which will let you create your own games instantly.

All of these sites offer flash based games creation. Few of these sites offer template based game creation and few offer a clean slate for creating games were you can design/create/import objects and create the game from the scratch and publish it.

Creating your own games wouldn’t have been so easy it if wasn’t for these sites. I have created a game using one of the sites on the list, do give it a try.

    Spolder offers an option of creating two games and it offers complete inventory of objects that can be used for creating a game. The interface is very intuitive which makes creating your own game a peace of cake.
    ads Pictogame offers a variety of games to choose from. Once you decide which game you want to create all you have to do is upload a picture of someone you want to see in the game. Thats all you are done! Register with the site, save the game and start sharing it with family and friends.
    Simscarnival also offers a similar functionality to create your own game. Choose a game you want to create, run through the wizard, answer a few questions and BANG! you are done… simple and easy.[Update: Team Simscarnival – Received an update from the Simcarnival team about the 3rd way of creating a game. Please read through.. (Thanks for the update Sparkle]

    1) The Swapper where you can take any game on the site and swap in your own pictures/photographs/art.

    2) The Wizard, which you mention, which is a template that guides you in the creation of a game.

    3) We also have the Game Creator which is a down-loadable piece of software which gives you the opportunity to build a game completely from scratch using either your own art and music, or by using art and music from the libraries we have provided to help you get started. The Game Creator is a great way for our users to build games which are more individual and unique.

    asd Mygame does not offer much in terms of customizing and altering the game. You can create a game in two steps 1) Upload a picture and 2) Adjust your picture … that is all it takes. Start playing the game.
    as Fyrebug is not any different, choose your game customize the object, upload the picture and save the game.
    Playmygame is yet another simple and easy to use interface for creating games. Woks on the same template based approach. Upload your picture, Adjust and start playing and sharing the game.
    This is the most advanced online game builder among the ones I have listed. You can create a game from the scratch by importing new objects, adding your own music, creating logics and more.. It took me a while to understand how the entire process works.Gamebrix has recently released its new version of interface and games engine in closed beta. You can register with Gamebrix and test their new interface.

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Here the the game I created using game builder. Enjoy shooting me :)

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  1. By: Mr. Download on December 16, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    hi there is also a place where you can download a program that lets you build a 3-D world. GO TO: http://(dot)www(dot)sandboxgamemaker(dot)com/ (replace the (dot)s with a period.

    look at the snapshots and you will be amazed. NO PAID VERSIONS! JUST FREE!

    if you find it awesome, download it.

    it is sort of complex.

  2. By: Build Your Own Games on February 11, 2011 at 8:44 am

    We've launched a build your own classic arcade games engine at No coding required. Lots of game creators make you build the whole level. We don't make you do that. The fun is built in and you're providing the graphics.

  3. By: KitKatMini on March 5, 2011 at 8:08 am

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    i tried to do the gamebrix but it just took me to a search engine???

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